Mar 7, 2015

Tampa’s Top 5 Sunday Brunches

I love a good Sunday Brunch with Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas and Champagne.

#1 Island Way Grill Clearwater, FL – $23.95 per person (includes a glass of champagne) $8.95 for kids *Buffet Style* Consistently great. I’ve been there probably 50 times for Sunday brunch and each time its exactly as good as it was the time before. The layout is huge with a wide variety of items hot and cold that even includes a sushi bar. They carve prime rib and have an omelette station. The dessert is AMAZING! The ideal Sunday brunch

#2 Plantation on Crystal River Crystal River, FL – $21.95 *Buffet Style* The buffet here is very good with a nice variety of items, but the reason I love this so much is the place itself. The restaurant is in a hotel that sits on one of the most beautiful rivers you’ll ever see, the Crystal River. It’s spring fed so its a solid 72 degrees year round and always filled with Manatee. The view from the dining room is very nice and after you eat you can walk along the river. Its an hour from Tampa but feels like another world. They have carving stations with leg of lamb and prime rib, made-to-order omelettes as well as a variety of breakfast and lunch items like eggs benedict, crab legs, etc. Worth the drive and great reason to spend a day relaxing!
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#3 Catrinas South Tampa *Menu Items* I love authentic Mexican food and growing in Southern California I know it when I taste it and Catrinas is the real deal with home made tortillas and the freshest ingredients you can get. Their drinks are incredible and they have the largest Tequila bar in Tampa with over 300 different Tequilas to choose from! I have had the pleasure of many meals here and consider the owners my personal friends but they deserve to be on this list. There food is excellent and they put out a beautiful brunch!
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#4 Datz South Tampa *Menu Items* Datz is one of the most original restaurants I have been to. They have an incredible menu with some really amazing items such as rabbit stew, sous vide pork shank (my favorite) as well as their incredible house-made corned beef and pastrami sandwiches. Their drinks and their desserts are amazing as well. You cannot go wrong with Datz!
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#5 Flamestone Grill Oldsmar *Menu Items* with Mimosa and Bloody Mary bar I love this place for brunch. The chicken and waffles they make is amazing. They have a nice variety of items on their brunch menu, including their trademark table-side guacamole that’s delicious.

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Feb 28, 2015

Roux – New Orleans Creole Nouvelle in Tampa
I have been wanting to find a true Cajun/Creole restaurant in Tampa and had just accepted that one didn’t exist until I found out about Roux. Roux is owned by the geniuses that also own Datz which is one of my all-time favorites. I knew it would be delicious but I am happy to report that Roux exceeded some pretty high expectations.
The menu is a perfect balance of traditional selections like Po Boys and red beans & rice but also offers a variety of variations on traditional Creole items like shrimp n grits, bayou bolognese that has wild boar, alligator and andouille sausage to name a few.
The place is beautiful inside with a bustling bar filled with pretty people enjoying even prettier drinks.
They even have Absinthe with the amazing presentation with the sugar cubes….just watch the video!
My guest was Stand Up Comic and Radio Host Johnny B who is also a pretty damn good cook so he was the perfect guest for this episode!
You can find more about Roux including their full menu on their website
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Mariah Milano

Feb 23, 2015

Key West

I have spots I make sure I revisit when I travel, and Key West is a place I find myself several times a year. I have a love hate with Key West. I LOVE the place, for sure. But I HATE the touristy place it has become. Too many fat Americans with cameras hanging from their necks move in herds down Duvalle Street make me crazy. They come to a place with so much to offer yet they eat th etouristy over-priced crap and learn very little about the place and what it REALLY has to offer. Places over-charging for shitty food and drinks are my enemy.

So, if you are headed to Key West, here are some places that you HAVE to checkout when you are there! Guaranteed delicious every time!

One is a dessert restaurant called “Better than Sex” Another is “Flaming Buoy Filet Company” “Conch Shack” has amazing lobster rolls and conch fritters and cracked conch and “B.O’s Fish wagon” has some excellent food as well.
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Jan 19, 2015

Gennaro’s Italian Restaurant

If you’ve seen most of my videos you’ll see that I have a lot of friends that work at a Tampa radio station 102.5 The Bone and during an appearance I did the owner of a restaurant heard that I did restaurant features and invited me to his place in Pass-A-Grille Beach which is part of St Pete Beach and is AMAZING! The restaurant is Gennaro’s and all I can say is WOW! Even my Sicilian grandma would be impressed!
I invited my girl Heidi or “Bootyfett” as she is known at the station on the Bone Daily Rewind Show (BDRS) and we were absolutely hooked up by Marcello the owner who cooked for us!
The video says more than I could possibly say here in words.

If you are ever in the area do NOT miss a chance for a meal at Gennaro’s!

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Jan 15, 2015

Curacao at Fishalicious Restaurant

There are the ABC Islands in the southern Caribbean called the Netherlands Antilles which are part of the Dutch Kingdom. I recently returned to Curacao and to my favorite restaurant there, Fishalicious. Last time I was there I could only take you to the front entrance but this time I took my cameras inside to share this experience with you!
This might be the absolute best seafood experience I have ever had. I have had some amazing fish in Fiji and the Pacific Northwest as well as incredible tuna and red snapper here in Florida, but this was an experience like none I have ever had.

My special guest is my good friend Romy whom I met during my previous trip there in 2012. We enjoyed champagne and oysters and several amazing surprise dishes that they made special for us!

I hope you enjoy and if you find yourself looking for a tropical place to go I highly suggest Curacao and if you go you MUST have at least one meal at Fishalicious!

Mariah Milano

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