A Shortcut to Amazing Canolis!

mariahs-cheaters-canol-front Being Sicilian I grew up eating canolis. They are my favorite dessert. I have had them all over the US and also in Italy. Believe it or not it’s hard to find canoli’s in Italy unless you’re in Sicily. Making them is not hard, other than the shell. Those are tough to do well. So I buy my shells at my local Italian deli/bakery because they are amazing! Also when you make them the traditional way, using ricotta cheese there is a lot of prep time and time allowing the ricotta to setup. So I don’t use ricotta, I use mascarpone and vanilla pudding! That’s right! Watch this video! I learned this from a friend who made this at a dinner party last year and have been in love with the recipe ever since!
What You’ll Need:
canoli shells
8oz mascarpone cheese
4 cups vanilla pudding
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp cinnamon
4 Italian cookies with sprinkles
1 Italian cookie with chocolate sprinkles
1 disposable piping bag mariahs-cheaters-canoli1 mariahs-cheaters-canoli2 mariahs-cheaters-canoli3 mariahs-cheaters-canoli4 mariahs-cheaters-canoli5 mariahs-cheaters-canoli6 mariahs-cheaters-canoli7 mariahs-cheaters-canoli8 mariahs-cheaters-canoli9 mariahs-cheaters-canoli10 these will make you forget all about the traditional canolis you are used to! I promise!
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3 thoughts on “A Shortcut to Amazing Canolis!”

  1. U are just amazing,baby with everything that u do!
    U should have your own cooking show on tv
    That’s for sure!
    Ur very creative n can do magic in the kitchen an anywhere u go!
    Wish U could make me something n hope one day that happens! Lol!
    The other chefs n tv cooks got nothing on u,baby!

    Luv u n ur delicious delicacie n mouth watering drinks:)

    Ur da best!


  2. I mean everywhere u go u can do magic,no just in the kitchen
    Luv ur videos as well n I still think,seriously that you should put your recipes in a cookbook,you can make a fortune!
    I know it would sell

    How do you feel.about that?

    Thank you



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