Sicilian Asparagus & Mushrooms w/ Proscuitto e Melone

Sicilian-asparagus-mushrooms-front One of my favorite trips I have ever taken was when I flew to Florence and rented a car and took 10 days to drive down the coast to Sicily. The difference in cultures and foods as I went was amazing. Sicily is all about the red sauce and seafoods and the salts. They have these amazing cafes with so many different things. One of the most memorable was this lunch I had in this little coastal village called Capo d’Orlando. They served grilled asparagus with mushrooms and a side of prosciutto e melone which is prosciutto and melon. Fantastic and something I’ll never forget!
What You’ll Need:
medley of mushrooms of your choice
1 lemon
This is traditional Sicilian food that is so amazing and so simple. Just how life should be! Sicilian-asparagus-mushrooms1 Sicilian-asparagus-mushrooms2 Sicilian-asparagus-mushrooms3 Sicilian-asparagus-mushrooms4 Sicilian-asparagus-mushrooms5 Sicilian-asparagus-mushrooms6 Sicilian-asparagus-mushrooms7 Sicilian-asparagus-mushrooms8 Sicilian-asparagus-mushrooms10 checkout for all my cooking videos!

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