The Secret to Crispy Hash Browns!

hash-browns-front I have always been amazed at how not crispy homemade potatoes usually are. French fries or hash browns made at home always seem to be not very crispy. The trick is to get all the water out of the potatoes and to soak them in water first to release the starch. Starch will keep your potatoes from being crispy but with all the natural water in potatoes it’s a hidden obstacle! Use the potato ricer and your shredded potatoes will look like shredded coconut and get super crispy!
What You’ll Need:
1 Russet potato shredded
1/2 red onion shredded
sea salt
potato ricer
box grater hash-browns hash-browns2 hash-browns3 hash-browns4 hash-browns5 hash-browns6 hash-browns7 hash-browns8 hash-browns9 hash-browns10 hash-browns11 hash-browns12 wait til you hear the crunch!!!!!!!!
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3 thoughts on “The Secret to Crispy Hash Browns!”

  1. Just had these hash browns with bacon, sausages and baked beans for a right royal fry up this morning. Absolutely divine.

    To self inflicted changes though – 1. I used Maris Piper spuds (it’s all I had). 2. I don’t have a ricer.

    Fantastic none the less. Thanks Mariah.

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