Tiramisu – The Queen of Italian Desserts

tiramisu Whenever you think of an Italian dessert you think of Tiramisu. It’s the traditional Italian dessert and for a great reason: it’s delicious! It’s also incredibly easy to make and there is no cooking or baking at all which is great! I use Hershey’s Special Dark Cocoa powder which is not as sweet as the standard cocoa powder but is so rich and makes a huge difference in the taste. I love mascarpone cheese and mixing it with whipped heavy cream just makes it irresistible!
What You’ll Need:
1 pound Mascarpone cheese room temperature
Savoiardi Lady fingers (2 packages)
2 shots of spiced dark rum
1 1/2 cups of heavy whipping cream
Special Dark Cocoa Powder (enough to put a nice coat on top) tiramisu1 tiramisu2 tiramisu3
tiramisu4 tiramisu5 tiramisu6 tiramisu7 tiramisu8 tiramisu9 tiramisu10 tiramisu11 tiramisu12 tiramisu13 tiramisu14 tiramisu15 This is incredible and not as sweet as some which I like. It’s ultra-rich still and awesome!
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Mariah Milano

3 thoughts on “Tiramisu – The Queen of Italian Desserts”

  1. That is very delicious,n always love your dishes,especially Italian food!
    Your are the best,Miss Mariah “Julia”Milano
    Wish I could come over your house for dinner!

    I am happy that you are making a cookbook,Great idea!

    Your food always gives me a food “boner” Lol!



  2. I also love your cooking videos,I am always hungry when I see them,even after I eat! Lol!

    Have a good show n a great time!


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