My Pulled Pork Decadenct Carolina-Style Sandwich!

pulled-pork-front I have made no secret about my deep love for slow cooked pork. It might be my favorite food in the world. I have cooked an entire pig before and I go through a crock pot every year because of how often I make pulled pork. Sometimes I wrap my pork shoulder in banana leaves in my
crock pot but this time I bought an entire shoulder bone in. I put a rub of kosher salt, black pepper and cuyenne powder on my pork shoulder and placed in on top of a bed of onions and limes. this will cook for 10 hours and when it’s done it will fall apart. I can’t wait! I’ll eat it with my mustard bbq sauce which you can see here and put it on a potato roll and top it with my buttermilk cole slaw and a pickle! YUMMY!
What You’ll Need:
Pork Shoulder bone in
kosher salt
black pepper
cuyenne powder
2 onions cut in quarters
4 limes cut in half
crock pot/slow cooker pulled-pork1 pulled-pork2 pulled-pork3 pulled-pork4 pulled-pork5 pulled-pork6 pulled-pork7 pulled-pork8 pulled-pork9 pulled-pork10 pulled-pork11 pulled-pork12 pulled-pork13 pulled-pork14 pulled-pork15 pulled-pork16 pulled-pork17 pulled-pork18 eat it as is or make sandwiches. No matter how, this is AMAZING!
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