Lobster – One of Life’s Wonderful Pleasures!

lobster-roll-front When I went to Maine for the first time I had to have every kind of lobster they offered. I had it steamed, stuffed, broiled, grilled baked you name it. But one of the absolute best ways to have it was a lobster salad sandwich with hot sauce. I tried my best here to
replicate the ones I had in Maine. Not too fancy just celery, green onion and mayo with lemon pepper and salt on a fresh hoagie roll.
This is one of the best things you’ll ever eat, I guarantee it! I like mine with a little Louisiana hot sauce which has great flavor but isn’t too hot.
What you’ll need:
1 Maine lobster
chopped celery
chopped green onion
fresh hoagie roll
hot sauce lobster-roll1 lobster-roll2 lobster-roll3 lobster-roll4 lobster-roll5 lobster-roll6 lobster-roll7 lobster-roll8 lobster-roll9 lobster-roll10 lobster-roll11 lobster-roll12 lobster-roll13 lobster-roll14 lobster-roll15 lobster-roll16 lobster-roll17 lobster-roll18 lobster-roll19 lobster-roll20 For all my videos checkout http://www.dinnerwithmariah.com
Mariah Milano
PS…thank you for watching!

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