Pork Chops n Sweet Peppers n Cherry Tomatoes!

porkchops-sweet-peppers-tomatoes-front Once again I turn to my ongoing love affair with pork. This time I use my cast iron skillet to pan fry a couple of nice pork chops in a bit of Canola oil. I sliced some sweet peppers into strips and put them on a baking sheet along with some cherry tomatoes and drizzled them with olive oil before putting them in my oven until they were nice and roasted! I then topped my pork chops with them and served it with a leftover baked potato flash fried in my skillet with my chops. This was incredible!
What you’ll need:
2 bone in pork chops medium thickness
3 sweet peppers (I used varying colors but not necessary)
Cherry Tomatoes
Canola Oil
Olive Oil
Sea Salt
Black Pepper porkchops-sweet-peppers-tomatoes porkchops-sweet-peppers-tomatoes2 porkchops-sweet-peppers-tomatoes3 porkchops-sweet-peppers-tomatoes4 porkchops-sweet-peppers-tomatoes5 porkchops-sweet-peppers-tomatoes6 porkchops-sweet-peppers-tomatoes7 porkchops-sweet-peppers-tomatoes8 porkchops-sweet-peppers-tomatoes9 porkchops-sweet-peppers-tomatoes10 porkchops-sweet-peppers-tomatoes11 porkchops-sweet-peppers-tomatoes12 for all my videos checkout http://www.dinnerwithmariah.com
Mariah Milano
PS…thank you for watching!

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