My Lemon Lime Basil Filet Mignon!

lemon-lime-basil-filet-front There are few things better than a great steak, and filet mignon is one of the most precious cuts of meats that there is. Very little fat but so soft and tender and so great to add sauces to. So in this one I mixed up the juice from 2 limes and a lemon in a bowl and added some chopped basil and some lemon pepper. I seared my filet mignon until it was barely medium rare and a nice crust on my meat. I sliced it nice n thin and then I tossed it in my bowl of basil and juice until all pieces were evenly covered. I plated the meat and served it with 2 baked red potatoes topped with some olive oil and fleur de sel and cracked pepper. AMAZING!
What you’ll need:
Filet Mignon (beef tenderloin)
olive oil
basil chopped
juice of 2 limes
juice of 1 lemon
fleur de sel
2 red potatoes
cracked lemon pepper lemon-lime-basil-filet1 lemon-lime-basil-filet2 lemon-lime-basil-filet3 lemon-lime-basil-filet4 lemon-lime-basil-filet5 lemon-lime-basil-filet6 lemon-lime-basil-filet7 lemon-lime-basil-filet8 lemon-lime-basil-filet9 lemon-lime-basil-filet10 lemon-lime-basil-filet11 lemon-lime-basil-filet12 lemon-lime-basil-filet13 lemon-lime-basil-filet14 lemon-lime-basil-filet15 for all my videos checkout

Mariah Milano
PS…thank you for watching!

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