My Take on Shepard’s Pie!

shepards-pie-front I have been to England several times and every time I go I find myself eating in pubs and loving the traditional english foods like fish n chips and of course, Shepard’s Pie! The best I ever had was at a little pub in Shepperton that made their’s with ground veal
instead of the traditional ground lamb. It was incredible! So this is my attempt to make that same recipe! I have to say it came out incredibly well! Enjoy!
1 pound ground veal
1 cup french fried onions
1 cup peas
1 can of kernel organic corn
1 chopped shallot
1 stick sweet cream unsalted butter
1 potato
1/4 cup heavy cream
2 cloves garlic chopped
sea salt
pepper shepards-pie1 shepards-pie2 shepards-pie3 shepards-pie4 shepards-pie5 shepards-pie6 shepards-pie7 shepards-pie8 shepards-pie9 shepards-pie10 shepards-pie11 shepards-pie12 shepards-pie13 shepards-pie14 shepards-pie15 shepards-pie16 shepards-pie17 For all my videos checkout

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