Forget Linguini! It’s Bucatini and Clams!

clams-bucatini-front Most everyone is familiar with linguini and clams, a very traditional Italian dish. But I love Bucatini noodles which are a thicker noodle that is hollow like a tube, so I use that instead! In Italy, they serve the dish with the clams in the shell, rather than the standard US version that uses canned clams (YUK!)
I also add a little red wine instead of white, which I think has a better flavor and I like the splash of color it adds. I also use fresh chopped oregano that adds a nice touch of flavor along with the chopped Italian parsley! One of my favorite dishes that is so simple but SO good!
What You’ll Need:
Bucatini or Thick Spaghetti Noodles
4 cloves garlic chopped
fresh oregano
small clams
olive oil clams-bucatini1 clams-bucatini2 clams-bucatini3 clams-bucatini4 clams-bucatini5 clams-bucatini6 clams-bucatini7 clams-bucatini8 clams-bucatini9 clams-bucatini10 clams-bucatini11 clams-bucatini12 Super easy and delicious!
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