Get Ready….Leg of Lamb Pot Roast!

leg-of-lamb-pot-roast-front I live near one of the largest Greek communities in the US, Tarpon Springs, so I have access to some amazing butcher shops with lamb. I bought this boneless leg of lamb and decided to make a pot roast with it using my crock pot. I knocked this one outta the park, if I say so myself. It was AMAZING! So tender and tasty! I also used purple splendor potatoes which I love! They are so creamy but also add a nice touch of off-beat color.
What You’ll Need:
1 leg of lamb boneless
bay leaves
4 tomatoes
sea salt
2 cups beef stock leg-of-lamb-pot-roast1 leg-of-lamb-pot-roast2 leg-of-lamb-pot-roast3 leg-of-lamb-pot-roast4 leg-of-lamb-pot-roast5 leg-of-lamb-pot-roast6 leg-of-lamb-pot-roast7 leg-of-lamb-pot-roast8 leg-of-lamb-pot-roast9 leg-of-lamb-pot-roast10 leg-of-lamb-pot-roast11 leg-of-lamb-pot-roast12 leg-of-lamb-pot-roast13 leg-of-lamb-pot-roast14 leg-of-lamb-pot-roast15 You will LOVE this!
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