Meatless and Loving It! Raw Veggies Kick Ass!

raw-veggie-pizza-front I know I do a lot of videos cooking meat but believe it or not I do have an occasional meal that is meat-free! This is one of my favorites! I make a nice pizza dough really crispy, and then top it with Mascarpone cheese and vegetables like slices cucumbers carrots and broccoli…then I top it with a drizzle of honey! AWESOME!
What You’ll Need:
Pizza Dough – Make your own or buy some
Sliced Cucumbers
Sliced Carrots
Chopped Broccoli
Honey raw-veggie-pizza1 raw-veggie-pizza2 raw-veggie-pizza3 raw-veggie-pizza4 raw-veggie-pizza5 raw-veggie-pizza6 raw-veggie-pizza7 raw-veggie-pizza8 raw-veggie-pizza9 Thank you for watching!
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