Baked White Truffle Mac n 3 Cheese!

Here is a bigtime throw back! This was before I was going my channel and was just having fun with the videos!
I went to a restaurant in New York a few years ago and they served Mac n Cheese with truffle shavings that was $110!! I HAD to see how good something like that would be and I will say it nearly knocked me out of my chair! I had never had truffles before (I thought it was chocolate!) and the flavor was so foreign and so unfamiliar I was smitten! Then everything changed for me when I went to Italy the first time and had shaved black truffle on my pasta! Suddenly I wanted everything I ate to have truffle oil on it! Then, just when I was getting tired of it after 8 days in Italy I went to Naples and had pizza with truffle oil! I knew it was truffles but it wasn’t shavings, it was oil! I bought a case of bottles and brought it home. I have been back to Italy 3 times since and each time I bring back at least 20 bottles of white truffle oil and a few bottles of the black truffle oil as well. I prefer the white truffles for the oil but the black for shavings on pasta. I made the cheese sauce with pecorino, parmesan and romano in heavy cream. I used rigitono pasta simply because I like the big tube pasta and then topped it in the cassarole dish with French’s fried onions. You can eat it without baking it but I like to bake it for 15 minutes at 425 degrees. It crusts the top and melts it all together. When you take that first bite you’ll know how a heroin addict feels the first time he shoots dope in his arm! Seriously, this is some amazing dish and you’ll never be able to eat Kraft Mac n Cheese again!
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Mariah Milano

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