My Delicious Steak Sauce Recipe!

I don’t believe in steak sauce on a good steak. Why bother? But in some cases steak is overcooked or dry or just isn’t a great quality piece of beef so you need some extra flavor! In those situations I agree steak sauce is needed. Maybe if you order steak n eggs in a diner or you do too many things at once and overcook your steak. Then you get a pass! 🙂
Some people just think any steak is better with steak sauce. My mom is one of those people. So for her, I created a steak sauce that is AMAZING!
What You’ll Need:
1 1/4 cup of ketchup
2 tblsp Worsestershire sauce
2 tblsp yellow mustard
1 1/2 tblsp apple cider vinegar
sea salt
diced grilled onion
minced garlic
orange zest
Try this and I promise you will be HOOKED! This makes an amazing marinade for steak as well! And it’s great to dip your fries in too! Also if you wanna get really wild with it add a shot of bourbon! That is REALLY good too!
Mariah Milano

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