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16 December, 2014

Sparkling Ice Drink – Soda Float to Die for!

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I am asked so often to share the things I make for myself so I thought I’d hook you up with some info on one of my very favorite and not-so-fattening treats!

I discovered these carbonated flavored water drinks called Sparkling Ice a few months ago and I’m addicted! Low sodium, no calories, no sugar, no nothing but yet they taste amazing and don’t have that funky after taste so many things like crystal light have.

I get carb-smart Bryer’s vanilla ice cream and make myself an ice cream float with them. It’s not exactly a recipe but it’s a little insight to something simple and delicious and not gonna load you up with calories!

Try it out and you’ll see why I love it so much!

Here is their website so you can see the variety of flavors and nutritional info. If your local grocery doesn’t carry it make sure you demand them to get that shit on the shelf! 🙂

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