Curacao at Fishalicious Restaurant
I recently returned to Curacao and to my favorite restaurant there, Fishalicious. Last time I was there I could only take you to the front entrance but this time I took my cameras inside to share this experience with you!
This might be the absolute best seafood experience I have ever had. I have had some amazing fish in Fiji and the Pacific Northwest as well as incredible tuna and red snapper here in Florida, but this was an experience like none I have ever had.

My special guest is my good friend Romy whom I met during my previous trip there in 2012. We enjoyed champagne and oysters and several amazing surprise dishes that they made special for us!

I hope you enjoy and if you find yourself looking for a tropical place to go I highly suggest Curacao and if you go you MUST have at least one meal at Fishalicious!

Mariah Milano

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