Key West

I have spots I make sure I revisit when I travel, and Key West is a place I find myself several times a year. I have a love hate with Key West. I LOVE the place, for sure. But I HATE the touristy place it has become. Too many fat Americans with cameras hanging from their necks move in herds down Duvalle Street make me crazy. They come to a place with so much to offer yet they eat th etouristy over-priced crap and learn very little about the place and what it REALLY has to offer. Places over-charging for shitty food and drinks are my enemy.

So, if you are headed to Key West, here are some places that you HAVE to checkout when you are there! Guaranteed delicious every time!

One is a dessert restaurant called “Better than Sex” Another is “Flaming Buoy Filet Company” “Conch Shack” has amazing lobster rolls and conch fritters and cracked conch and “B.O’s Fish wagon” has some excellent food as well.
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