Catrinas South Tampa Authentic Fresh Mexican Food

I grew up in Los Angeles so I have had some really good Mexican food in my life. I have been to Mexico many times and I can say that Mexican is probably my favorite food. Anyone who knows me knows that I love tacos and taquitos and enchiladas and I LOVE tequila!

When I heard that Tampa has a real authentic Mexican restaurant I knew I had to try it out. I was skeptical because I have heard that many times before and it was always the same Tex Mex that is ok but it is NOT real Mexican food.

This place was the bomb! Everything is made in-house from scratch and the passion that goes into everything that they do is amazing. The place is beautiful and with all of the colors you get the feel of Mexico as well as the taste! They have over 300 types of Tequila and are very knowledgeable and love to share that information with you!

This is a place not to be missed and make sure you tell them Mariah sent you!
Mariah Milano

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