Piquant Epicure & Cuisine Hyde Park Tampa

Piquant Epicure & Cuisine Hyde Park Tampa with Mariah Milano
Its not a secret that I love great food and French food is something that gets me every time. I can be absolutely not hungry and still eat French food when it’s done properly, which sadly isn’t too often here in the states. But Piquant does an amazing job making traditional French cuisine and also putting their own twist on it as well.

***Note of Importance!*** Everything we ate in this episode was ridiculously good. We were both full after the second serving yet we continued on because of how great the food was. Seriously, this place is incredible!

The croissant donut was probably the highlight. I’ve had a cronut before in NYC and it was good, but these were far better. The Guava took us both by surprise and of course the Nutella was incredible too. Everything was amazing. Do yourself a huge favor and come to Piquant and try it for yourself. Tell them Mariah sent ya! 🙂

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