Island Grill Key Largo Florida Keys
I have been a regular in the Keys for more than 10 years. I am picky with the places I have my meals and considering I’m in the food industry I want to make sure that I spend my money where I am going to enjoy my meal and the surroundings. Island Grill at the Mandalay is one of my favorites in the Keys. I have been to both locations, Key Largo and Islamorada and never have had a bad meal. The tuna nachos are AMAZING but my favorite is the fired whole yellow-tail with thai chili sauce and toasted coconut. That to me is a perfect meal. The flavors are incredible and the fish is as fresh as it gets.
The view is one of the best in all of the Keys because you’re looking at open ocean, not a canal. The menu is excellent with a great variety and the prices are fair. You get a lot for your money and the quality is fresh and generous portions.
The banana caramel cheesecake was OUTRAGEOUS! Sooo good!

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