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15 January, 2013

Caprese Sandwich in a Mariah Milano Minute!

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“Okay keep your dick in your pants! This sandwich is fucking amazing! If you’ve had the Caprese salad then you know! It’s essentially the same thing, just on a nice piece of bread as a sandwich! I don’t put balsamic vinegar on mine like some might because I prefer the natural flavors of the tomato and basil and the mozzarella by themselves.

Here is the standard Caprese Saladcaprese-salad

This classic is even better between 2 slices of fresh french bread! I am told it was a favorite of Egypt’s King Farouk. Not that I or you probably give two shits about his dead ass, it’s an interesting fact nonetheless eh? – xoxo Mariah

Nothing more simple than this!

What you need:

1 tomatoe sliced thick

1 ball of fresh mozzarella cheese sliced thick

olive oil


a good piece of fresh bread

It’s basic common sense, add some olive oil to your bread and layer your slices and top with a basil leaf.  Mange! Mangia!



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