Drunken Pasta Fritta – Fried Leftover Pasta!


I love leftovers and this is one of my favorites on a late night after a few drinks. I always seem to have leftover pasta so I like to take that and make it into something delicious and different! I fry it up and make a patty out of it! Yes, FRIED PASTA!!

Left over pasta
extra virgin olive oil
goat cheese or parmigiano or romano cheese

other options: prosciutto, sun dried tomatoes, olives

heat up a 1/4 cup of your olive oil in a skillet


once the oil is nice and hot add some of your pasta and thin it out evenly into a large cookie-shape
cook evenly on each side until noodles are crispy.


once you remove and add to your plate, top it with your cheese of choice, mine being crumbled goat cheese and dig in! A great late night meal!




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