Puff Pastry w/ Strawberry & Chocolate


I am not your typical dessert person. Of course sweets are great, but I like to contrast my flavors and make things that go well with coffee. Studies have proven that dark bitter chocolate goes best with coffee by the way 🙂 I also like to get my “sweet” aspect of desserts from fruits whenever possible. Strawberries are the perfect dessert fruit because they aren’t too sweet and go well with everything! I rarely ever add sugar myself, I let the fruit do all the work! As well I like nuts (stop it!) in my desserts too. it adds a nice texture and that great flavor.

What you’ll need:
puff pastry sheets from grocery
fresh strawberries
dark chocolate 90% cocoa
chopped walnuts
1 egg

thaw and layout puff pastry sheet using flour to avoid sticking in the center

place strawberries and top with walnuts and pieces of dark chocolate

brush edges with 1 egg beaten with a tsp of water then fold over corner to corner use fork to score the edges to seal it up.

brush entire thing with egg wash

and place in 425 degree oven for 25 minutes or until golden brown

plate and garnish with tops of strawberries & walnuts or vanilla ice cream

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