Homemade Pizza with My Sexy Girlfriend!

pizzaMy best friend is this hot little Italian girl and I invited her over for dinner and wanted to make something special for her. One of my specialties is my homemade pizza with prosciutto. So I got started and made my dough before she came over and had a couple of nice bottles of wine. She showed up looking cute as always and I told her we were going to film us making the pizza! She is SUPER shy but she got a little wild at the end joining me in my trademark “Bow chicka wow wow”!!
I was hoping it would end up like a letter to Penthouse but alas she brought her man with her and he cock blocked me! The pizza was great, but still no go! 🙂
pizza-joanna2 Simple pizza: homemade dough using Semolina flour, yeast, water and 1 egg w salt pepper and a pinch of sugar. click here to see how!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAthe sauce is garlic, olive oil,
i topped the dough with the sauce and fresh mozzarella and put it in a 475 degree oven.
once i pulled it from the oven I topped it with basil and aged proscuitto. Seriously, this is my specialty and DEE-LICIOUS!!!!!
IMG_1847IMG_1844Bow chicka wow wow!!!!!!!
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