Pasta w/ Peas & Sun-Dried Tomatoes!

pasta-peas Dinner for one with leftovers!
Being Italian I love pasta and not just pasta with traditional red sauce. I love garlic oil and noodles too. This is a little variation I have come up with that adds peas sun dried tomatoes and capers to the traditional olive oil with garlic sauce. Its a dry pasta that has tremendous flavors and it’s great the next day as leftovers!

What You’ll Need:
Pasta noodles
1/2 cup peas
3 cloves garlic
3 sun dried tomatoes
2 tablespoons of capers
2 cups olive oil

in large stock pot boil water and add pasta noodles and cook 7 or 8 minutes until al dante.

in a medium sauce pan sautee your garlic cloves in olive oil until cloves are golden brown. pasta-peas6 add capers and sun dried tomatoes and heat for 2 minutes. pasta-peas5 drain pasta noodles and add to your skillet with sauce. pasta-peas4 stir in until noodles until evenly coated with sauce. stir in peas and serve! pasta-peas3 pasta-peas2

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