A Gift from My Last Trip to Italy!

ssg-apples-onions I learned this one while driving down the Italian coast from Naples to Sicily in an area called the Amalfi Coast which is incredible! I stopped at this little roadside stand and they served one thing…sausage with apples and onions! It didn’t sound good and I almost left but the smell was amazing and I gave in and man was I happy I did! I never found another place that served it so I have had to make it myself ever since!
What You’ll Need:
Hot Italian Sausage
sliced apple
sliced sweet onion
olive oil
white wine sausage-apple-onions8 sausage-apple-onions in a sauce pan heat olive oil on medium heat. add sausages apples and onions sautee on medium heat until thoroughly cooked (about 25 minutes) sausage-apple-onions2 sausage-apple-onions3 sausage-apple-onions5 just before you remove add a splash of white wine to de-glaze your sauce pan. sausage-apple-onions4 Serve just like it is sausage-apple-onions7 sausage-apple-onions6 You can also serve it as a sandwich or on rice or pasta. Its delicious anyway
you serve it!

2 thoughts on “A Gift from My Last Trip to Italy!”

  1. I Love Italian.I Like how you list all the things needed and ingredieants.It makes it so easy to prepare,and love the vids along with it to.

  2. That sounds delicious,n wish I had some!
    You are the best chef n you r very talented
    That is why I feel that you should put your recipes in a cookbook and sell them at $20 a pop!
    That would sell in a heart beat!
    What do you think about that?
    I should have been in the marketing business! Lol!
    Enjoy your videos
    I always get hungry when I see them,especially the pasta and pizza! Lol!
    Good luck to you!
    Your the best!

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