Everyone Should Know How to Cook a Steak!

nyc-steak I think that everyone should be able to make a steak. I know most men are masters of the grill but many don’t know wtf they are doing when it really comes down to it! Overcooking, incorrect seasoning and using gas grills is crap. yes, I said it! Either use charcoal or wood if you want to do it properly! I use charcoal and add chunks of oak to it…but today it was too windy so I made my steak under the broiler, which to me is the best way! flames are not good for meat because it burns off the fat which is where all the flavor comes from! So I add wood to make smoke, which is flavor.
So I made this steak the most simple way possible. Usually I would make it medium rare but my mom is here and she likes medium, just pink inside but not red. This came out delicious and I used leftover cheater’s cesar salad to go with it! (see previous episode to see how to make cheater’s cesar!)
1 steak with heavy marbling.
kosher salt
roasting pan that elevates steak from pan bottom steak2 steak3
steak4 steak5 steak6 steak7 steak8 steak for all my cooking videos checkout http://www.dinnerwithmariah.com


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