Truffle Mushroom & Pancetta Egg Souffle

I LOVE truffles and when I go to Italy I always make sure I take a drive out into the countryside in Tuscany for 2 things: wine and truffles! The flavor is so unique and fantastic! I can add it to anything and love it!
In this dish I made some pancetta and used the drippings to sautee my porcini mushrooms and scallions (not the green part of the scallion!) then I removed my mushrooms and tossed them in my truffle oil.
I poured my eggs into my ramekin and then added my pancetta and truffle mushrooms and baked at 350 for 30 minutes. it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
What you’ll need:
4 large eggs
I used 1/2 scallion diced
1/2 cup of reconstituted porcini mushrooms
1 teaspoon black truffle oil
large wonton/egg roll wraps from supermarket
1 ramekin
butter to grease ramekin
1/4 cup of pancetta


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