Italian Stir Fry Using Leftovers!

stirfry2 I love leftovers and this is a great way to clear out your refrigerator! I simply pickout all the stuff in the fridge that would go well together and toss them in a skillet! stirfry-first In this one I started with some spicy Italian sausage. stirfry8 Once it’s nearly cooked through I add a chopped onion, pancetta, garlic, roasted red peppers, & mushrooms. stirfry7 stirfry6 Once that is nice and hot I add in my leftover penne pasta that I had already cooked the night before! stirfry5 stirfry4

stirfry3 you can add some leftover marinara too. The sauce was soo good I decided not to. I even added some white wine I had left! This came out amazing and my friends who stopped by loved it too! stirfry
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