French Cutlet with Mushroom Cream Sauce

chicken-cutlet-mushroom-cream-sauce I love french cooking because of how amazing the sauces are. This is a simple sauce but turns ordinary chicken into something outrageous!
This dish uses the drippings from bacon and shallots and heavy whipping cream. You cook the chicken in the sauce so it’s tender and tasty!
I served it with a side of steamed green beans with some fleur de sel. YOWZA!
What you’ll need:
4 chicken thighs
1 chopped shallot
1 cup heavy whipping cream
2 strips bacon
chopped parsley
green onion chopped
garnish away until the plate is cluttered but when you dig in and scoop up the garnish you’ll be in HEAVEN! chicken-cutlet-mushroom-cream-sauce1 chicken-cutlet-mushroom-cream-sauce2 chicken-cutlet-mushroom-cream-sauce3 chicken-cutlet-mushroom-cream-sauce4 chicken-cutlet-mushroom-cream-sauce5 chicken-cutlet-mushroom-cream-sauce6 chicken-cutlet-mushroom-cream-sauce7 chicken-cutlet-mushroom-cream-sauce8 for all my videos checkout

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