Dinner in a Bag Island Style!

parchment-paper-salmon-scallops-front If you’ve seen my videos, you know I love me some leftovers! I love to stand at the counter looking over everything, putting things together in my head. I also love to clear out my refrigerator from time to time and a meal like this is the perfect way to do it!
In this one, I had a piece of salmon leftover from the night before as well as a few scallops. I dug around the found some snap peas, broccoli, green beans, a shallot sliced into rings as well as some capers, garlic and mushrooms. I put them all in the center of a piece of parchment paper and topped it with half a stick of butter and tied the ends and the center. You don’t need to make it air tight, you just need to be sure everything is tucked in securely. The moisture in everything will steam inside the parchment paper and it will all be sooooo delicious! In the summer I do this with banana leaves from my yard…but alas it’s winter and I gotta go parchment paper! 🙂 I learned this in the Caribbean and it’s one of my favorites! parchment-paper-salmon-scallops1 parchment-paper-salmon-scallops2 parchment-paper-salmon-scallops3 parchment-paper-salmon-scallops4 parchment-paper-salmon-scallops5 parchment-paper-salmon-scallops6 parchment-paper-salmon-scallops7 parchment-paper-salmon-scallops8 parchment-paper-salmon-scallops9 Delicious!
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Mariah Milano

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