Don’t Be Such A Chicken, Jerk!

jerk-chicken-front I have been to Jamaica 3 times, and each time I fell in love a little more with jerk seasonings. The last time I was there I went on this trip up into the mountains and we stopped at this jerk shack for lunch. The pork there was the BEST I have ever had in my life! It was so spicy and they were making the jerk seasoning right there at the shack! They had big bags of scotch bonnet peppers and all of these spices. I brought home 5 packets of jerk while everyone else was trying to figure out how to bring some bags of ganja home with them! 🙂 Well, this was my last bag of it 🙁 and it turned out awesome on my skewers with chicken, mushrooms, bell pepper and red onion! I had a nice side of broccoli slaw with olive oil.
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