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7 March, 2013

Cold Noodles = Warm Heart! Oh & Spicy Beef!

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spicy-thai-noodles-front I love thai food and get intimidated to make it sometimes. The sauces and the presentation look hard, but so good! So I thought,,,,noodles and spicy beef would be good!
Here it is and it was REALLY good! Loved the cold noodles with it too. Such a nice contrast!
What You’ll Need:
steak that is lean, I used NY strip
Thai Chili Sauce
Asian 5 Spice
Asian noodles
Spicy and delicious! spicy-thai-noodles11 spicy-thai-noodles10 spicy-thai-noodles9 spicy-thai-noodles8 spicy-thai-noodles7 spicy-thai-noodles6 spicy-thai-noodles5 spicy-thai-noodles4 spicy-thai-noodles3 vlcsnap-2013-03-07-18h39m22s195 checkout http://dinnerwithmariah.com for all my cooking videos!

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