A Little Bit About Me…

A little more about me…. I got started in the adult film industry just 9 days after I turned 18 back in 1998. I went on to do nearly 600 movies and have been featured in more than 65 magazines since that time. I was born and raised in “The Valley” in Los Angeles which is the porn capital of the world, although I had no idea the entire time I was growing up there! It took a chance meeting with an old friend from junior high to introduce me to it.

My initial decision to do this type of work was made from the simple desire to make a lot of money. I was a single mother and was barely making it working for minimum wage. Do I wish I would have chosen differently if I could do it again? That’s not such an easy question to answer. It has afforded me a life I know I would not have had otherwise.

I have traveled and seen the world and I live an exciting and interesting life that so many would trade their own lives for in a heart beat. I know because I am told that all the time by people busting their asses to barely get by.

I am now in a new phase of my life where that world is in my rear view mirror and there is a very bright future ahead of me. I have unlimited possibilities for my life and that to me says that no matter what people think of my previous life, I made the right decision for me at the time and made the most of it. I didn’t end up a broke drug addict or back where I started so I feel it’s been a success.

So now here I am all these years later, living my life and making the most of the career I have made for myself and hoping that my fans will continue the journey with me into the next phase of “Mariah Milano” and share the experiences and adventures ahead. I may not be having sex on camera anymore but sharing my love for great food and wine and travel is pretty stimulating in it’s own right. The response to this new project has been overwhelming and makes me love my fans even more.

I am so happy to be taking this next step of my life with you coming along. I promise not to disappoint you and make sure that whatever I do I bring the same passion and intensity that I brought to your computer screen and DVD player and yes, your VCR! Wow it HAS been a long time huh? 🙂

So thank you for your loyalty and your love and your friendship and as they say at dinner tables all over the world, “Let’s eat!” xoxo Mariah Milano

I Made This Video for You!

Am I really a chef?
Hell no! lol I just enjoy cooking and using it as a creative outlet and it’s another great way to bring pleasure to your friends!

What is my favorite food?
Asian foods like Vietnamese and Japanese and Korean and of course Mexican because tacos and taquitos are my favorites!

Why did I start this site?
I know, of all things a porn star could do, but I have always loved travel and great food and have started trying to step up my cooking game in the last few years. I recognize the similarities between the pleasures of great food and sex, so why not?

Who taught me to cook?
I taught myself pretty much. I watch cooking shows and surf the cooking sites online for recipes I can make my own. But all the techniques are my own pretty much.

Who is my favorite chef?
Without question Fred and David at Joe Beef. Their food is just so incredible that it defies words. As far as celebrity chefs go I would have to say David Chang simply because of his concepts of keeping the atmosphere casual but bringing seriously inventive and amazing foods. I have eaten in all of his restaurants in the US and even one in Australia.

What is my specialty?
I make a mean Argentine steak. That’s a steak with a fried egg and chimichurri. I also make a pretty good pasta with pomodoro. As well my homemade ceasar salad is pretty great with extra anchovies and I add capers. Salty and delicious!

Why do I love to cook so much?
I think that cooking is a great way to be creative and at the same time we all have to eat right? I also like to feed my friends and see their reactions to my creations. I KNOW I give a great BJ, but there is little better than having someone tell you that your food was the best they ever had.

What’s my favorite restaurant?
Joe Beef in Montreal without a doubt. Au Pied du Cochon a close second. Outside of North America its Da Mazzurella in Milan, Italy. The food there was so fucking good I still think about it. Nothing fancy, just ridiculously great. There are very few things better than great pizza and they make it better than anyone. Seriously, this place is amazing!

Do I fake my reactions to food in my videos?
I have NEVER faked it in my life, and I won’t start with food! lol I will tell you how I feel 100%. I have no filter and if I don’t like something I will be clear about it. Remember, this is MY site, so I cook what I like, so anything you see me eating in my videos is something I chose to make because I already like it. So no, I never fake my reactions. My family and my friends have always thought it was crazy the way I speak to my food and make sexual comments when I enjoy it.

What type of books do I read?
I like all types. I have a Kindle with 192 books on it that I have read. I read a lot of philosophy books and books on Buddhism but I read thrillers mostly. Some of my favorites are Lee Child, John Sanford, Brad Thor, Michael Connelly and Stephen Hunter are my favorites. My favorite book is Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain. I’ve read it 4 times and counting! 🙂 I have also read everything that Jimmy Buffet has written, with A Salty Piece of Land being my most recent book.

Do I mix food with sex?
No. I think there is a very close resemblance in the way food satiates us but I personally do not think that food has a place in the bedroom. I think if you do it right there is absolutely no way to think or focus on anything else. I bring my “A game” every time I get down in the bedroom, and trust me, you are going to want your mouth free, plus crumbs are a buzz kill!

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3 thoughts on “A Little Bit About Me…”

  1. I live in the Pacific Northwest and Cuban bread to make Cuban sandwiches is a near impossibility. My previous attempts at making bread were for the most part failures but with that said your video has inspired me to get back into the flour and yeast and make my own. Thanks you.

  2. Thank you for this great video. I have watched you from the beginning of your fantastic career. Of course, I know that you were playing roles, like any actress, but I
    fell in love with you, like millions of other men. I was very sad when you retired from films, but after watching this bio I feel great knowing that you’re happy and can do the things you love. Best of luck to you. This old pervert will continue to watch you. You should come to Texas for Mexican food! God Bless and take good care of yourself. You are a very remarkable woman.

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