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Let’s get the big issues out of the way right here from the get go. I was a famous but not typical in ANY way, “Porn Star”. I have certainly enjoyed many things about my former career but I have always known that I am different than most of the other girls. Don’t get me wrong, there are some amazing people in that business and I have met some that I will proudly call my friends forever, no matter what I am doing with my life. But there are certainly many that live up to the stereo type that most people in the mainstream world picture when they think of a “Porn Star” or people associated with the Porn business.

For one thing I use my brain and try to make conscious decisions based on past failures and successes as well as improving my quality of life.

I also took my career seriously. I never lived that career as a lifestyle. It was a career and not a party for me. That works for some perhaps, but for me being a “porn star” does NOT define me, it just defines what I have done for a living. In today’s world being a pornstar isn’t nearly what it once was. I never aspired to be famous or become a celebrity, I did it as a way to pay the bills, period.

I have chosen to steer my career in this new direction and it will be interesting to see where it takes me. Wherever that is I will always be me, unflitered and uncensored and if people don’t like it, well they can follow one of my favorite recipes and make a big plate of Go Fuck Yourself! 🙂

I have never been one to shy away from offering an opinion, or to point out something or someone I find disgusting or offensive. I am quick to judge and I don’t hesitate to call people on their bullshit. It has cost me some fans and even some friends because let’s face it, there are a lot of people who cannot handle the truth and instead choose to surround themselves with people who say what others want to hear. So if you ask me if something makes you look fat or if I like your hair, brace yourself because I must just tell you that yes, you are a fucking cow in that dress and yes your hair looks like shit piled on your head! It is a trait I have to try my best to keep in check so I don’t offend the undeserving.

So to all of you who give 2 shits about what I have to say or what is important to me I have put together a collection of articles based on my past experiences with food and travel, some written years before I had any inkling that I would ever do a website like this.

Food Appreciation | Food Porn | Key West | Tecumseh | Debauchery in the Kitchen

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