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I recently had the pleasure of sharing a flight from Tampa to Atlanta with adult film star Mariah Milano. I was boarding the flight and as usual made sure to look into the eyes of everyone in first class to show my disdain for their elitism when I locked eyes with someone who looked very familiar. She was holding a glass of champagne and had a diet coke AND a bottle of water and covering herself with a nice soft-looking blanket. I couldn’t place where I knew her from for the life of me. At first I just thought she was very hot and all hot girls look familiar because we have pictured them all of our lives! She had an intense look in her eye when she looked up and caught me staring she met my gaze and replied with her own fixed stare and then rolled her eyes in annoyance. By the time I got to my seat I had figured out who she was and was determined to speak to her once we took off.

When the seat belt sign was turned off I made my way up front to the first class cabin to find her with a laptop open and champagne in hand with an empty seat next to her. I introduced myself and asked if I could sit down for a moment and she very plainly said “No” which I found funny for some reason but she didn’t smile at all. I told her I wanted to interview her for my blog and it would mean a lot if she would do it. She gave me a look and dug into this giant black purse and pulled out a card and as she handed it over she told me to email her the questions and she would reply right away. Well I don’t do email interviews and I told her so. I only do one-on-one interviews and no matter who it is I refuse to lose any more of the personal inter-action that the internet has already stolen from our lives.

I told her I only do in-person interviews and she said she would give me five minutes after we landed in Atlanta so I agreed with high hopes of remaining in that nice big seat for the rest of the flight, and just as soon as I was about to try and sit down again the flight attendant asked me to return to my seat. Back to the common area in economy for me I went but with a feeling of optimism for the interview to come. I asked if I could snap a pic and she reluctantly agreed and said only if I sent it to her. (**the pic on the top left is the pic he snapped! – MM)

When we landed in Atlanta she wasn’t waiting for me as I had hoped and I finally caught up to her as she was checking the departures for the gate for her next flight. When she saw me I saw in her eyes that she had forgotten and regretted agreeing to the interview. She was very polite though and said she had some time before her next flight and asked me to join her in the Crown Room, whatever that was I had no idea. The Crown Room turned out to be a members-only Delta club that serves free drinks and snacks and has awesome couches and computers and flat screen tvs. It’s like a sports bar for business travelers! I had no idea this existed but I will say that I hope to return some day!

She ordered fruit juice and got a bowl of goldfish crisps and found us a couple of very nice seats in a quiet corner along the windows overlooking the concourse which was actually quite nice.

Now I know that some porn stars make really good money and live a somewhat rock and roll lifestyle, but this chick does it really upscale. Did I mention she was wearing what looked like a golf outfit? She had on a sleeveless golf shirt with a collar and a pair of longer-than-you-would-think shorts and just looked very classy, like a young Republican housewife on her way to the country club for a golf lesson. I was very impressed and started to think I might be out of my element with this one.

So here is the interview with Mariah Milano. It doesn’t get any more candid than this with a porn star.

B.Somebody: Ok, so Mariah I tracked you down after the flight and you agreed to do this interview with me and I really appreciate it. Why did you agree to do it? I’m just curious.
Mariah Milano: Yeah well (laughs) I have a layover and you were pretty nice about it and didn’t bug me so I said “what the fuck could it hurt?”.

B.Somebody: I noticed you when I got on the flight and you rolled your eyes at me. Any specific reason?
Mariah Milano: I hate when people see me places and stare at me but don’t say anything. It’s rude. Say hi or wave or smile or something don’t just stare at me. It’s fucking creepy.

B.Somebody: ok point taken. It won’t happen again I promise. I notice you travel pretty nicely. Do you ever have to fly coach and when you do does it suck?
Mariah Milano: When I connect from Tampa to Atlanta I end up in back sometimes and it sucks big-time but it’s only fifty minutes so it’s not too bad. If it was any longer I wouldn’t do it. I’m spoiled I guess.

B.Somebody: So do you get special treatment or do you pay for the first class seats and this nice private club and everything.
Mariah Milano: I pay for this. I spend too much time in airports to not have a place to relax and you can’t do it in a terminal in those horrible chairs at the gates. I fly pretty much exclusively on Delta so I am a Platinum Medallion member of Skymiles and get upgraded on all my flights. If I don’t get the upgrade I use miles to upgrade or pay the difference.

B.Somebody: Well it must be nice. I interview a lot of porn stars and most aren’t living nearly this well. You even look classy if that’s ok to say?
Mariah Milano: I try. (laughs) you just caught me on a good day I guess. I have toned it down a lot in recent years. I still like to have a nice low cut shirt showing off my boobs but something conservative and classy is nice at times too. Especially on flights. I try not to draw attention to myself, especially when I’m alone.

B.Somebody: You have been doing this a long time. I remember you in the Video Team movies back in the late 90’s. Do you think back on that time in your career fondly or does it all just blend together?
Mariah Milano: This is the third decade that I’ve been in porn which is really strange. I shot in the 90’s, the 2000’s and now the 20 teens. I had a lot of good times back then but I have a lot of regrets as well. I wish I would have been smarter with my money and had a better attitude towards it all. But I do remember everything.

B.Somebody: Any examples?
Mariah Milano: I was recently on set for Zero Tolerance and the director said “Oh I remember you back when you didn’t talk” and I thought what????? He told me that when he had shot me back in the late 90’s I hardly spoke. I was very quiet and I did have a shitty attitude I admit that. I do regret that. Hell now you practically can’t get me to shut up!

B.Somebody: Really? You don’t seem the attitude type (now it’s my turn to roll my eyes ) Can I ask where your next flight is taking you today?
Mariah Milano: I’m Sicilian and we’re born with attitude! I’m going to London for 9 days.

B.Somebody: Business or pleasure if I may ask?
Mariah Milano: no you may not! (Laughing and hits me which it turns out she likes to do a LOT!) I’m kidding. For business and pleasure. Europe is always pleasure but I am also going to be doing a live Cable TV show called BabeStation while I’m there and shooting some stuff for my website as well.

B.Somebody: Wow, very nice. I hear London is great but too expensive. Are you going anywhere else while you’re there?
Mariah Milano: London is a great city and has amazing energy and the people are great. Very much like New York but yes very expensive. I am taking the Eurostar to Paris for 5 days after. I always make sure to visit Paris when I’m in Europe. It’s my favorite city in the world.

B.Somebody: Another place I hope to go someday but I hear so much about the rudeness of the French people.
Mariah Milano: Well it’s a beautiful city with great history and culture and the food and wine is to die for. The last time I was there I sat on the Champs Elysees having a baguette with ham and cheese and I could see the Arc de Triumph where Hitler marched the Nazi troops when he took the city, which I found fascinating. Where else in the world is there history like that? The french can be rude for sure but a big part of that has to do with the fact that people come to France and don’t even attempt to speak French. Another big thing with the french is to say hello before you start talking as well as just addressing them in english without even having the courtesy to ask if they speak english first. If you at least make the attempt to fit into their culture they are a lot nicer. You are in their country after all right? Remember that shit when you go! Get some Rosetta Stone under your belt before you go! (laughing again)

B.Somebody: I have no clue about any of that. I have only been to Mexico a few times and Canada once.
Mariah Milano: Ok well, time to get out more! (laughing that adorable laugh!) I don’t care for Mexico at all. It’s filthy and who the hell wants to take a vacation where you have to worry about everything you eat and drink?

B.Somebody: Well yeah they were pretty ok to me. I didn’t get sick but one of my friends did which sure looked bad. What are your plans for the future in porn?
Mariah Milano: Well I started this webcam studio and a production company and several other projects that are just getting started. I am being considered for the AVN Hall of Fame which is a great honor. Other than that I keep busy with my websites and hosting events and traveling.

B.Somebody: I have to say that I have always been a fan and it’s amazing the difference in your appearance over the years. I can see that other than the breasts you haven’t had surgery, or at least it doesn’t appear you have. What is your opinion on the way the porn girls are getting procedures done these days?
Mariah Milano: Yeah, you’re right. I haven’t had anything done. I get the itch sometimes to get my lips done or get some injections around my eyes but then I browse Twitter looking at all the girls who do get it done and realize how rarely it turns out well. There are some girls who had perfect real tits who went and got implants. There are girls who were really pretty and after they got surgery they look fucking ridiculous and can’t stop. I am pretty happy with the way I look so I’m not going to tamper with it. But I do think it’s sad that people are so unhappy with themselves that they turn their faces into these freakish messes.

B.Somebody: I noticed that you have a popular Twitter account with a lot of followers. Do you enjoy the social networking or is it a pain and a chore?
Mariah Milano: I loved Myspace back in the day and I really love Twitter and Instagram. I don’t have a Mariah Milano Facebook because there are so many fake accounts of me that I just gave up. I do have a private one for friends and family.

B.Somebody: I bet you get some crazy Tweets and requests huh? What’s the most common and the most annoying and what is it you like about it the most?
Mariah Milano: I fucking HATE when guys hit me up like it’s just a given that I’ll meet them out or whatever. I mean seriously? You are a total stranger to me yet you hit me up and say “What’s your number” like we know each other? I also hate the “How much to fuck you for an hour?” and also “Let’s shoot a movie together” tweets. It’s just annoying and I ignore 99% of them. The other 1% I tell them to go fuck themselves but I at least try to be creative how I say it!

B.Somebody: Nicely done. But what do you like the best?
Mariah Milano: Oh sorry (laughing) I like inter-acting with people and keeping up with what’s going on. Everyone Tweets everything now so news is on Twitter before anywhere else. I like that and I like seeing the ridiculous photos people post.

B.Somebody: You travel so much. Have you ever thought of doing a travel blog or something documenting all of your travels and experiences? It would probably be pretty facinating to say the least!
Mariah Milano: Yeah I would love to do that! I am a huge fan of Anthony Bourdain and he often references porn so it would be really cool to do an episode of “No Reservations” or even have my own show on the Travel Channel. I can cook too so now you have me thinking of more projects! Just what I needed!

B.Somebody: Well good luck with that. I think there would be a lot of people who would love to read and see photos from your trips to exotic places, especially if there were beaches, or God forbid nude beaches!
Mariah Milano: Yeah I’ve been to some places like that and I have stories that would make even a pervert like you blush! (she hits me for the 20th time as she laughs!) But seriously, I could do some pretty entertaining episodes from my experiences. oooooo weeeeee!

B.Somebody: Ok well I hope you enjoy London and Paris and thank you for your time and taking me to this nice club!
Mariah Milano: No problem. My pleasure but next time say hi instead of just staring like an idiot!

B.Somebody: Mariah’s website is www.dinnerwithmariah.com and her twitter is @dinnermariah and she regularly does appearances and hosts events at clubs all over so make sure you check her out! She is a very witty and funny chic who is very down to earth and I really enjoyed my few minutes with her.

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