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A prophet once said “Don’t tell me what a man says or what he knows, tell me where he’s traveled. That will tell me all I need to know about him.” That is about the perfect analogy of people in my opinion. A small existence leads to a small life and I have ZERO interest in being mundane or tedious and crave new places and experiences. I feel sorry for those who don’t see the value in travel.

With that said, let me just say that I love Key West in the morning. The sun is up but just a little crispy and not yet to its humid brutality that leaves you few places to hide. The smells of citrus and flowers and ocean are so comforting as my eyes still adjust to the brightness of the morning sun and the endless possibilities of the day to come. I’m awake at 7 am drinking coffee because a rooster woke me up. Yes, a rooster. They are everywhere here and that’s so cute until there is one right outside your bedroom window, which means at sunrise you’ll not think he’s so cute any longer. I tried twice to fall back asleep and dream of eating fried chicken but it just wasn’t to be.

This place is paradise for some people and probably the absolute worst place imaginable for the person trying to put their life back together. It pulses with the party attitude and inspires an attitude of “fuck it” allowing otherwise tedious people to become ravenous in the appetites of the unknown and the taboo.

It’s a real shame this place isn’t easily accessible to everyone. People have such a preconceived idea of what Key West really is. They think it’s all gay men fucking everywhere you look or drag queens or just lewd sinners throwing their morals to the curb and being heathens for a weekend. But in reality Key West is a fantastic place that has wonderful character and history and even more so it really inspires the individual within to surface.

I’m enjoying my second cup of coffee dreading the 8 hour drive back to my home near Tampa. I love it here and the freedom and carefree life it embraces. I will be back soon that’s for sure. But before I head north I have an appointment with a realtor to see a duplex that is for sale for a steal! I couldn’t resist seeing it! God help me if the price is right. I might not be heard from again and Key West will never be the same!

Until next time.

Mariah Milano

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